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WEEKLY SERVICE: Every Tuesday at 8pm join us in the Union for a time of powerful worship, a relevant message, and an opportunity to connect with friends.


SMALL GROUPS: Our small groups meet together all around campus to discuss the Bible and talk about life. Small groups are where life happens and where you will likely meet some of your very best friends. 

AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY: We are more than a ministry - we are a family. We love to have fun, eat food, and do life together. Join us for a campus party, fall & winter retreats, post-service events, pickup sports, or a backyard bonfire.


INTERNATIONAL FRIENDLY: Our campus is very diverse. We believe God is sending students to our campus from all over the world to meet Jesus. We love connecting with international friends. 


MISSIONS ORIENTED: Missions are a big deal to us. We offer international and US missions trips option during our Spring Break and during early summer. We also support and send missionaries all over the world.


COMMUNITY FOCUSED: We love our campus and we love our city! We actively involve ourselves and volunteer on campus. From moving in freshmen to volunteering at the Big Event, we want to enhance campus anyway we can. 


It is our desire to introduce UND students to a relationship with Jesus Christ by:



Communication with God



Expressions of thanks through word, music, and service



Community of students developing quality relationships



Learning about Jesus and following His example



Living a life that reflects our relationship with God

“We are therefore ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us. We implore on Christ's behalf: Be reconciled to God."

-2 Corinthians 5:20


meet the



Director/Lead Pastor

Judah Negron is now stepping into his fifth year with UND Chi Alpha, and it is his first year as the director. Judah has a passion for people and a heart for people who feel lonely or worthless.


His favorite verse is Matthew 28:19 which says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” This is his favorite verse because it highlights God’s love for all nations, all cultures, and all people groups; this call to love and reach out to the nations is one of the main reasons Judah has given his life to missions. Judah’s dream is to see the lives of international students transformed by the love of God.


On top of that, Judah enjoys playing soccer, lifting weights, photography, and serving on the worship team on drums, piano, guitar, or vocally. Pictured is his wife, May Negron, who also volunteers in XA and has a heart to reach internationals for Jesus!  


CMIT Director

David and his wife Courtney have been serving as missionaries with Chi Alpha for the past 8 years. They both were students at UND and were heavily involved with Chi Alpha during their undergrads at UND, which is where they met. They served full-time with Chi Alpha at the University of Minnesota Crookston for 4 years before being called back to work with UND in 2022.

David and Courtney have three boys together: Alec (5), Noah (3), and Leo. Their youngest son Leo passed away at 13 months unexpectedly in January of 2023, and they are learning how to live life without him. Their days are filled with squirt gun fights, made up games, books, sports, and lots of wrestling. David loves volleyball, spike ball and most outdoor activities, and Courtney is an adept barista, chef, and artist. Besides their common passion for board games and their children, their united passion is for God, for discipling others to know Christ and make him known, and for seeing every tribe, tongue, demographic, and people group being united under the banner of Christ. As the CMIT Director, David is passionate about helping raise up the next generation to bring the Gospel wherever God may call them, whether to the Marketplace, the University, or the World. 


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CMIT II, Co-Director of Large Group, Co-Director of Small Groups

Paul and his wife, Cassidy, both hold a Master of Music degree in Performance. They met while pursuing their degrees at the University of North Dakota in the low brass studio. Prior to the CMIT, Paul toured with the professional Christian brass group, The King’s Brass, where he had the privilege to perform and share the gospel all over the country. In that ministry, Paul felt God calling him more and more into becoming a full-time campus missionary. With this calling, they decided that he would pursue the CMIT at UND to see more students know Christ and make Him known to all the nations.

Their family also consists of their son, Jedidiah, and their two puppies, Phineas and Sandy! Paul is passionate about theology, teaching, discipleship, music theory, and coffee.


CMIT II, Administrator, Assistant to the CMIT Director

Lauren graduated from the University of Minnesota Crookston in 2020 where she got involved in Chi Alpha in her junior year.  She had never before heard God’s voice or experienced intentional discipleship in the ways she did while in Chi Alpha. Lauren assisted with Chi Alpha in Crookston for two years before joining the CMIT program at UND.


She is excited to help students seek God’s will for every aspect of their lives and learn to live it out. Pictured is her husband, Lukas, who works at Poppler’s Music in Grand Forks. In their free time, they enjoy going out to eat, hosting dinners, and playing board games.  



Ben was introduced to Jesus and a life of discipleship for the first time as a freshman at UND in 2019. He saw the authenticity of Christianity and the beauty of a life surrendered to Jesus for the first time and became a born again Christian that fall. Through Chi Alpha small groups, he learned what it means to commit to God and live a life of faith and obedience. He is now happy to identify himself in the likeness of the apostle Paul: “a slave of Christ Jesus, chosen by God”.

During his sophomore year of college, God called Ben into full time ministry. Ben started the CMIT program this year and has not looked back! He has a passion for glorifying God and making disciples that
know and love the deep truths of the faith.

Some of Ben’s favorite things are reading, playing board games, talking with friends over coffee, and anything that gets him away from a screen! Mia, Ben’s wife, is in her last year of the nursing program at UND. She also was introduced to Christ and saved as a freshman and has been making disciples with Chi Alpha ever since. Mia is an avid cat lover, coffee drinker, and ping pong champion.


Trenton came to college knowing about Jesus, but not knowing Jesus. The extent of his Bible knowledge was limited to Adam and Eve in the garden, Jesus dying on a cross, and some guy named Jonah getting swallowed by a whale. Fortunately for Trenton, his freshman year he lived with a Chi Alpha small group leader. One night at a Chi Alpha service, Trenton’s life was radically changed by Jesus. It was a complete turnaround! Trenton often likes to say that he was once one way, but now he is completely different. The thing that happened in between was Jesus. He eventually became a small group leader, graduated with a degree in Banking and Financial Economics, and is now going through the CMIT program with Chi Alpha at the University of North Dakota. 

Trenton’s passion is to see God glorified and to help students find their God given purpose. He believes everyone brings a unique expression of the infinite God to the body of Christ, and longs to see the family of God grow. Trenton now waits for his glorious King to return and take His ransomed children home. On his free time, Trenton can be found playing guitar, reading a book, playing spikeball, or longboarding around campus. His most common greeting is “Shalomie Homie” and would love to get to know you more. 


meet the



Caleb Bonness
Vice President

Jaycee Bonness

Kaden Johnson

Maren Schettler

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